About Artist


Svetoslav A. Chernobay — representative of the classic abstract art. His work is known for exhibitions TEII (LDM, Palace of Culture. Kirov, «Manezh», 1980), Contemporary Art Exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR (Paris — 1987, Berlin — 1988, Helsinki — 1991) and numerous exhibitions in different halls and galleries in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vienna, San Francisco and Zurich (1983 to 2001). He is a member of the large-scale exhibitions of the Russian Museum —«Abstraction in Russia. Twentieth century» (2001-2002) and «Collage in Russia. XX century» (2005-2006), the State Historical Museum in Moscow — «Non-conformists in the Red Square» (2007).

Svetoslav Chernobay — one of the few contemporary artists of St. Petersburg, whose name is entered in the «Allgemeines Kunstlerlexikon» — The World Encyclopedia of Art (1997). «The World Encyclopedia of Artists. Artists of the world of all time» published since 1992, is the most extensive, reliable and authoritative edition of the artists of the world, the total amount will be more than 100 volumes (one volume contains about 600 pages).

Recent studies are quite different from the previous period. Artistic fantastic space, full of rotating planets, characters and crosses, that distinguished his paintings in the early 90s, gave way to a concentrated study of shades and nuances, monochrome painting combinations. We face large-freely designed canvases reveal his system of «black aesthetics». Black — only an abstract example of how color can be developed, which, like a drop of water, the artist feels his «gentle universe.»